Inner8 Philosophy

1. The Foundation of Wellbeing

how do we interact with the world around us and most importantly how do we interact with ourselves.   Looking at our values and behaviours in an honest and open way allows us to move forward with compassion, forgiveness and love.

2. The First Step

looking at where we can make small changes over an extended period of time allows us to feel confident that wellbeing really does work.  We can now develop with realistic but optimistic goals going forward.  This is our foundation for long term success.

3. The Physical Work

any wellbeing plan incorporates physical exercise to keep our bodies strong and healthy, after all its our vehicle for being.  Mindful movement and conscious breathing are a combination which works with minimal impact on the body. 

4. Vitality

we often believe that our physical body is the only thing we need to focus on, however science is now proving that this is limited.  Increasing vitality in our everyday life is essential to feel well.  Connecting on an energetic level will help navigate where you focus your energy and when to preserve your energy.

5. Withdrawing is Positive

being mindful of how we are drawn into the outside world is key to ensuring that we are not consumed by negativity, pain and ultimately suffering.  Our 5 senses are there to guide us for practical purposes, although often we are unaware of the imbalance it causes us when misused.

6. Mind

our mind if left underdeveloped can roam like a monkey.  Just like we pay attention to our body we can do the same for our mind.  Techniques focus on bringing the mind to a concentrated state where there is greater clarity and decision making.

7. Meditation the Tool

we need practices that can help bring us peace of mind on a long-term basis.  Scientific research has shown that Meditation is one of the best practices to improve our mental wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety in our life.

8. Seeing the Bigger Picture

our wellbeing practice is well embedded although we also understand the link between myself and the world around us.  We reduce the feeling of “I” and “my” and understand my inner work contributes to collective wellbeing.  With this in mind we bring peace and harmony to those around us.